Booking Enquiry

To assist us in providing you with your best entertainment option please provide us with as many details of your event as possible.


How Hiring an Entertainer Works

Once we are in possession of your requirements we will then check availability of the appropriate entertainers from our roster. We will already have discussed your available budget and therefore we will now negotiate a fee with the entertainers. The fact that we have an excellent working relationship with all of the artistes on our roster means that we often obtain discounts on their standard fees. This is particularly important if their usual fee requirement is in excess of your budget.

Where applicable, we will provide you with a choice of three or four options of available entertainers. Experience shows that to provide too many choices at any one time can often confuse our clients. Photos and other information will be provided to you, together with a demo CD wherever available. In the unlikely event that the selected entertainers do not meet with your precise requirements, then we will happily provide you with further suggestions.

Once you have made your selection from the suggestions provided to you, we will forward a booking confirmation and contract. This will be signed by you and a representative from the entertainers and both parties will receive a fully completed copy of the document.

In the time leading up to your event we will be in constant contact with the entertainers to ensure that everything is on track. Approximately one week before the event we will contact you to confirm to you that everything is okay with the entertainers and to answer any last minute queries you may have.